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U.S. Sahaja Projects and Centers

U.S. National Projects

Canajoharie Land Development

This Land Development campaign funds construction of new facilities and maintenance of all existing facilities to achieve Shri Mataji’s vision for the Land.

Shri Mataji's Home - Heritage Project

An attempt is being made to create that very sense of a 'living presence' of SHRI MATAJI in the abode SHE so lovingly built from the ground up in Ridgefield Park, NJ.

US Central Fund

The VND Central Fund takes care of a multitude of national projects: upkeep of Shri Mataji’s house, meditation centers across the country, online instructional sites, national retreat facilities, etc. 

Canajoharie School

The mission of the Canajoharie Sahaja School is to support students in their development as 'whole' personalities, encouraging them to work towards the fulfillment of their physical, emotional, intellectual and above all spiritual potential.

Puja Dakshina

Shri Mataji encouraged this practice as an important aspect of our demonstration of respect towards our Guru in consonance with the need to preserve and protect our own self-esteem. The VND proposed a desire towards the institution of voluntary contribution.