Frequently Asked Questions


How can I donate to national projects?

What happens to my existing recurring donations set up on PayPal?

We would request you to cancel those donations. The steps are:

  • Log in to your PayPal account by clicking here.

  • Cancel your existing subscription.

Once canceled, please set a new recurring donation on this site.


What is Kindful?

Kindful is a cloud-based online fundraising and donor management solution designed specifically for growing nonprofit organizations. Kindful is an easy-to-use platform and provides an easy interface to donors. The platform provides functionality to manage both donors and donations better, in short, it is a robust donor management system.


What are the steps to donate?

  • Pick a national project or a local center to which you want to donate.

  • Click on the "Donate button" (This will direct you to the kindful platform)

  • Enter a donation amount

  • Select a 'one time' or 'recurring' donation option.

  • Enter the billing information and hit submit.

  • Once completed, sign-up if you do not have an account already.

What are the payment options available in the Kindful platform?

  1. Bank Account

  2. Credit/Debit Card

  3. PayPal

Is my data safe in Kindful?

Kindful is PCI SAQ-A compliant. Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards are minimum requirements for protecting your customers' and donors’ payment card information. Adopted by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, and JCB, PCI compliance is required for all merchants that store, transmit, or process payment card information. For more details:

Is there a transaction fee to make donations on the Kindful platform?

Yes, the Kindful platform charges a transaction fee, and here is the breakdown per payment method:

  1. Credit/Debit Card - 2.9% + $0.30

  2. PayPal - 1.99% + $0.49

  3. ACH (Bank account) - 1% + $0.30

The platform also exposes an option for the users to cover the transaction fee. We have enabled that option by default and the fee is 2.9%. If the user happens to donate using Paypal or ACH, excess fees collected will remain with us as donations.

Account Creation

Do I need to create an account to donate?

While the Kindful platform allows donations (one-time and recurring) without having to create an account, we highly encourage you to create an account to keep track of your donation history.

How to create an account?

  1. Sign up form:

  2. What email address to use: You should use the email account which has been used earlier to issue tax letters to you. That is the email address we have used to upload old donations into Kindful.

After account creation, I do not see my past donations, what do I do?

There could be a few reasons why you may not see your past donations activities

  • You have not confirmed your email Id after account creation. Please complete the email confirmation process by following the confirmation email sent at the time of account creation.

  • You have opened a new account with a different email Id and your previous donations could have been registered with a different email in the old system (for example: it could be under another family member's email address). Please contact us if any questions.

* Please note we are still working on importing data for this year. We are aiming to finish it by end of this year.

Tax Letters/Misc

How do I download my tax letters?

  1. Register on the Kindful platform if you do have an account.

  2. Log into kindful.

  3. On the Dashboard page of the Kindful platform, under the Reports section, an option is provided for donors to generate tax letters for the past 3 years. The Kindful platform can only generate tax letters for the previous 3 years if the past donations are imported into the system.

  4. I do not see all my donations, why is that?

How do I modify my recurring donations set up on Kindful?

  1. Register on the Kindful platform if you do have an account.

  2. Log into kindful.

  3. On the Dashboard page of the Kindful platform, Recurring Transactions are listed. Donors can use “Edit” or “Remove” links to either update or cancel their recurring donations.

If there are still questions, please contact us.