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US National Fund

The VND National Fund takes care of a multitude of projects: meditation centers across the country, online instructional sites, national retreat facilities, and educational programs.

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Canajoharie Land Project

The objective of the Canajoharie Land Project is to continue improving the infrastructure and support in Canajoharie to facilitate programs, seminars and other key initiatives.

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Canajoharie School Project

The mission of the Canajoharie Sahaja School is to support students in their development as 'whole' personalities, encouraging them to work towards the fulfillment of their physical, emotional, intellectual and above all spiritual potential.Through daily meditation, the children are able to develop depth and wisdom, giving them the tools to interact with the world around them in a balanced and harmonious way.

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Shri Mataji's Home, New Jersey, USA

Sahaja Yogis all over the world upon visiting any of the abodes of our DIVINE MOTHER have always experienced HER presence, much like when SHE was in residence within those auspicious grounds during HER lifetime. An attempt is being made to create that very sense of a 'living presence' of SHRI MATAJI in the abode SHE so lovingly built from the ground up in Ridgefield Park, NJ. That in essence is the vision for this property which is presently undergoing critical repairs and renovation. Once completed, every visitor to this abode should feel SHRI MATAJI’s presence therein as if SHE is in residence. Every yogi visiting this abode should feel as if they are in the company of SHRI MATAJI. That whenever they visit this sacred ground, they are in fact ‘coming home’ to their DIVINE MOTHER. It is not intended to be a memorial. It is envisioned as HER dwelling wherein SHE exists, in person. For all eternity.

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